Group Service Card

  • Card

    The Gour Service Card; the Autogrill card® dedicated to bus drivers and tourist guide

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  • Benefits

    Thanks to Group Service Card every stops in Autogrill® allow you to receive discounts and benefits!

    Stop with your group of at least 20 people and you will receive free meal.


  • Steps to activate the free card

    1. Sign up here providing all the informations
    2. Upload following documents (just first time):

      • Document

      • Driving Licence

        Driving license D, DE o K, o driver qualification card (C.Q.C.), vehicle registration

      • Certifying declaration from the travel agent

        Accordin to the Italian law D.P.R. 445⁄2000-The existence of an employment relationship with the holder of the card if the same were a tour guide

    3. Take your free Group Service card in Autogrill® Stores

  • Stores

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